Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is ARH located?

We have 13 hospitals throughout eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia.

Is ARH for profit or not-for-profit?

We are a not for profit organization.

Do you support J1 waivers?

Yes. We have our own in-house immigration attorney to assist with the J1 waiver process.

Do you support H1B visas?

Yes. We are an H1B cap-exempt facility and support H1B visas.

Would this be a hospital-employed opportunity?

Yes. We offer hospital-employed opportunities throughout our system.

What is the largest hospital in your ARH system?

Hazard ARH is our largest hospital in the ARH system. It is a 358-bed facility that with a service area of 250,000 people.

What is the benefits package like?

Click HERE to learn more about physician benefits at ARH.

Where is the nearest airport?

Each of our facilities is located within reasonable driving distance to an airport.